Our Classes/Class Descriptions

Barre || pose BARRE
A high energy, 55 minute intelligent exercise workout that integrates interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely reshape your entire body. Our non-impact energetic workout fuses fitness techniques from dance, Pilates, and yoga that will tone, define, and chisel a longer, leaner, and more graceful body. Two main principles of the class are proper form and alignment. Focusing on these elements will aid in developing proper posture and a well-toned body. The result is the recognizable Barre body, long and strong. This class is open to all levels and requires no prior experience.

Barre || pose BARREIntense 
An energetic, fun and super hyped up barre workout Incorporating extreme intervals, longer and deeper holds with no break time. This class will make you sweat with a combination of precise toning moves and cardio blasts that get your heart thumping and those endorphins going. Not only will your muscles be working aerobically but your heart will be pumping too! Fun tunes, Plie squats, and energetic strength drills like jump squats and sautés, forearm planks with rotation, and push ups...all to build muscle strength and create a longer and leaner body. Come meet your new addiction! Classes are mixed level yet vigorous. 

Pure || Flow Power Reformer 
Utilizing top of the line Stott Pilates V2 max equipment, Pureflow’s athletic approach to Pilates on the Reformer allows for newbies and seasoned Pilates practitioners alike to experience a workout like never before. In just 55 minutes, you will strengthen, lengthen, and tone every inch of your body. Reformer classes are limited to 6 participants, so you will get proper attention and form correction from our instructors. Come prepared to experience a challenging repertoire and leave feeling accomplished!

Pure || Flow Matwork
This bootcamp-style matwork class takes Pilates to a whole new level Incorporating a dynamic, full-body workout that focuses on improving flexibility and core strength, with exercises that stretch and tone all muscle groups. This class is set to upbeat and motivating music. We will keep your heart rate up, raise your metabolic rate, and make you sweat! Programming may vary from session to session to include, Stability Balls™, Foam Rollers, Flex-Band® exercisers, and Fitness Circle® resistance rings. Class warmup and repertoire exercises focus on Stott Pilates five basic principles.

Barre || pose GENTLE
This GENTLE barre class utilizes simple movements to hone in and isolate specific muscle groups in the arms, core, hips, and legs. Our instructors will spend time building strength and functionality around mobile joints, which develops strong and supportive accessory muscles to improve stability and mobility. We will Hold, Pulse, and Stretch to increase endurance as well as improve your mind/body connection by bringing a new-found awareness to your fitness routine. Barre || pose GENTLE is accessible for all body types and fitness levels.

Barre || pose FluidPower YOGA
FluidPower YOGA is a vinyasa class that focuses on linking breath with movement to energize the body and increase flexibility. You will challenge yourself with creative sequencing to dynamically strengthen and stabilize your practice by working deep into your core, side body, and outer hips. This class is  heat-building and empowering.

Barre || pose Aerial Fitness
Aerial Fitness is a class for both the beginner or frequent flyer alike to experience an upbeat isometric cardio conditioning workout – all while suspended in the air & defying gravity! Flip and fly through space as you increase your flexibility, mobility, cardio and muscular endurance to a bumpin’ playlist. The AGY Harrison Hammock provides an opportunity to stretch, strengthen & sweat – connecting muscles from your head to your toes giving you a fun, lighthearted & dynamic workout.

Level: Open Level (accommodates beginners & 1st timers while simultaneously providing challenging variations for Frequent Flyers)

Barre || pose TRX Suspension Training
TRX suspension training is an intense, innovative functional training to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It uses the TRX Suspension trainer which merges gravity and the client’s body weight to complete the exercises.
— TRX delivers a fast, effective total body workout                  
— TRX builds a rock-solid core
— TRX increases muscular endurance
— TRX benefits people of all ages and fitness levels
— TRX utilizes client’s own body weight to provide greater performance and functionality

Barre || pose CardioBarre
CardioBarre combines our Barre || pose BARREintense class with bursts of cardio integration with the Bellicon Rebounder (BOUNCE) and cardio Plyometric Intensity work at the Barre. The result is the recognizable Barre body; firm thighs, tight glutes, sculpted arms, flat abs.You will also experience increased fat burning and flexibility