As a business owner, I’ve come to realize that it all comes down to intention and balance. As long as the intention is there, we’re going to end up in a good place. I have always had a strong desire and passion to help people find tools to grow. I am motivated with continuous educating, workshops and trainings always striving to create class content with intention so that I can help clients to be their best selves. As we enthusiastically come into a New Year and NEW decade with a promise and intention it may come with a list of changes; a full body body cleanse, joining a gym, trying a new workout, or changing the way we eat.

Change is good, and sticking with your intention and investing in a new beginning to embrace YOU is what matters. At Barrepose and Pureflow studio, whether you step up to the barre or onto the mat or Pilates reformer, you can have confidence that our instructors will educate you to understand your anatomy, proper alignment, and what works best for your body at that moment. As a Stott Pilates training studio, we keep our pilates reformer classes at 6 clients. I recently spoke to a franchise owner who told me that he wouldn’t make any money if he didn’t have 12 bodies on machines in each class. He noted that his instructors teach to the masses and they don’t cater to just any “body”. The instructors go through a 3 to 5 month training and are already teaching clients before they are certified. 

Even with my 16 years of pilates teaching experience, I meticulously watch for everything when I am instructing because alignment is so necessary. Twelve or more bodies in a class, new to machines, and a new instructor with less than six months of teaching experience is uncertain. The BEST part abut my pilates journey is that I’m still learning. We all have different things going on with our bodies and not one body is the same. While getting a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology, fascia wasn’t even a thing. It wasn’t even mentioned. It’s only recently that we talk about fascial lines which create stability, resistance, power, flexibility, elasticity, and above all-Posture.

The fitness industry is forever evolving and changing but pilates, it’s techniques, always stay tried-and-true. 

Our studio focuses on quality over quantity. We stay authentic to the hands-on training that we can offer our clientele. We have over 45 years of pilates teaching and training experience amongst our four pilates instructors. All of us give particular attention to movement quality so that our clients have the ability to stabilize, mobilize, and balance beautifully in every move. We build foundations to allow for the more complex and demanding movement patterns that are part of the everyday activities our clientele participate in. We’ve been doing this studio thing for 11 years and we LOVE what we do. Our clients are FAMILY. We are grateful for those of you who have stayed local and welcome those who may want more of an individualized workout. We want to help you with your intention for 2020. Stay tuned for my monthly blog and learn a little more about who we are today by clicking on the image below.


January 2020

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March 17, 2018

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