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When I think about Barre Pose Studio the descriptions that come top of mind are: motivational, encouraging,

inspiring you to be your very best, celebrating you where you are and where you want to go in your fitness



The studio is an amazing community of tremendous individuals that welcome you with warm smiles,

encouraging words and openness to have you there.


I have always been in sports and fitness, as I’ve gotten older; I continue to challenge and push myself to be better in Mind, Body and Spirit; for a whole health wellness.  I am blessed to be a mother to 3 active amazing boys with a full-time demanding career; therefore my role is to always keep up! Prior to coming to Barre Pose Studio I was actively involved with CrossFit for the past 2 ½ years.  Needless to say I was very strong, but my small 5’0” frame needed a change of routine as I was burning out and bulking up.  


A friend of mine was going to the studio and asked me to take a TRX class and check it out.  That one class at the end of October has turned into a monthly membership ever since! Not only was TRX in my classes, but I was open to try all the variety the studio has to offer; and I haven’t looked back.  I have a newfound love and appreciation for the sculpting, toning, and elongating each class has to offer.  


I am smiling as I think about how my body has changed in such a short period of time through Barre, Pilates, AntiGravity and TRX.  I’ve dropped 2 sizes; my short-fast twitch muscles are longer and leaner than ever before.  My flexibility continues to come back, my energy level is high and sustained and not

to mention I have found what it means to find your lower abs!


Stacey DeGenaro Downing is not only an incredible instructor; her awareness of you and your needs will far exceed expectations. She is not only passionate about fitness, her studio and her instructors; but that compassion extends to everyone she meets in each class! And let’s talk a little about the amazing instructors! Todd and Lauren – will kick your butt in TRX (that’s a GREAT feeling!) Shannon is soft spoken, strong and flows beautifully from one dancer pose to the next.  


The best compliment was Shannon pointing out how leaner I was getting from when I first started at the studio following CrossFit. That comment has stilled lingered with me, causing me to smile every time.  I could write about each instructor and knowledge and passion each one has, but I would encourage

anyone, at any age, come and try out the studio.  


Your first class will lead you down a journey you will never forget.  Along the way you will be smiling as you will feel and look amazing.  The friendships you will build in the class you will cherish. This isn’t any other studio or gym… but then again you should experience it for yourself!


Tiffany  |  Akron


Chronic back problems ended my sports activities, limited my ability to fulfill daily life obligations and left me frustrated and depressed.  Physical therapy was temporary help at best. Chiropractors told me I shouldn't be adjusted anymore. Doctors told me to have surgery. Then my friend introduced me to Stacey and her Barre Interval class. Today I am pain free, have no limitations and am playing competitive baseball again ... and at a higher level than ever before!


Barre Pose Studio offers a variety of focused conditioning classes - so there is something for everyone. Stacey is always on top of the latest techniques and constantly improving the experience. The exercises are all safe, no-impact, bodyweight resistance and highly-effective. The studio and clientele foster a friendly, supportive and rewarding atmosphere.


Even more important, Stacey and her entire staff are knowledgable, encouraging, inspiring and really care about you as a person. The result is a full mind-body-spirit experience that has made exponential benefits to my health and life!


Healthy back. Strong core. Long muscles. Lean body. Focused mind. Vibrant spirit. You will attain all of this at Barre Pose Studio!


Dean  |  Akron


I personally owe Barre Pose a great deal of gratitude. Stacey’s classes and studio have not only found myself looking and feeling great, but they helped me overcome the most compromising state of health I’d ever been in. In 2012, at the age of 28, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The treatment regimen I had to go through caused my body to go through a lot of discomforting changes. Aside from generally feeling broken down, I looked nothing like myself. The steroids I had been taking caused me to swell up and I lost a great deal of muscle mass as a result of being bogged down on couches and beds from the chemo.


When I finished my ordeal, I struggled to find the health solution that I needed to get back to feeling good about myself. I tried eating vegan and numerous fitness programs to no avail. It wasn’t until I started taking classes at Barre Pose that I was able to get back in stride. In a matter of months of being there, I wasn’t just back in shape, I looked and felt better than I ever have. I attend several times a week and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience. I highly recommend attending whether you’re simply seeking to try something new or become an extremely engaged member at a studio that is warm and welcoming regardless of the situation that brought you through its doors.




About 10 months ago I was playing with my 5 year old son out in the yard when I realized that the lack of physical activity I hadbeen involved in for the past 6 to 8 years was catching up to me.  I remember looking at my son as my hands were on my knees and telling myself that something had to change. Over the next 8 months I began running and total changed my diet. I lost 35 pounds and was beginning to feel like my old self again.  


At that point I was desperately looking for something that would provide a challenge that would continue to push me physically.  I am not a long distance runner so marathons were out.  I could not picture myself joining a gym and doing the traditional workout routine. That is when I heard about the TRX Suspension Training that was being offered at Barre Pose by Stacey.


I signed up for my first class hoping it would provide the challenge I was looking for and did it ever. I left the first class exhausted but thrilled that I had found exactly the challenge I was looking for.  I have now been attending the class for three months and look forward to every Monday evening to see what challenges Stacey has prepared for us.


Mike  |  Akron


I've participated in many types of exercise classes over the past 30 years, and without a doubt, the barre classes offered at Barre Pose have been the most effective and fun classes I have ever taken.   The workouts are strenuous, without causing wear and tear on your body.  I always look forward to class, knowing I am going to get a great workout!"