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Laura grew up in Bath, Ohio and since her very early years outdoor activities and sports or a central part of her life. Throughout high school at Our Lady of the Elms, organized sports were a constant. Her love of fitness and sports followed her through college at Indiana University where she received her BA in telecommunications and business and then out to Salt Lake City Utah where she was employed by Ashland Chemical. Laura sold commodity chemicals to the food, beverage, nutritional, and personal care industries for eight years as a territory manager, covering seven states and two territories in Canada. During her time with Ashland chemical, Laura received her MBA from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. In 1998, Laura quit working for Ashland Chemical and started her job as a mom :-)


During her 10 years in Salt Lake City, Laura's passion for all things outdoors and in the mountains grew to include hiking, mountain biking, trail running, rock climbing, downhill skiing, and organized fitness classes. After a wo-year stay in Vancouver British Columbia, Laura and her family relocated back to Bath, Ohio.

Laura's experience and knowledge with chemicals and ingredients used within our food system as well as personal health struggles, pushed her to pursue changes to diet and lifestyle. Laura has spent the last five years reading and researching what has been done to our food system. Equipped with so much knowledge from a chemical sales background and the information she gathered from recent studies, she became aware of how unhealthy 90% of grocery store food is for us. Not only is most of the food on our grocery store shelves genetically modified, but it also contains loads of chemicals and additives that are highly toxic. During those five years of study, Laura shifted her family completely away from the standard American diet and genetically modified foods to whole food and organic mostly homemade diet and healed her health issues.


Throughout the 12 years that she and her family have now lived in Bath, fitness has remained a focal point. Although she still misses the mountains, she has found a passion for organized fitness classes and enjoys hiking and running with her dog.

Laura has been attending classes almost daily at Barre Pose Studio since it opened. In July 2014, when the first Antigravity classes  were offered, Laura fell in love with Christopher Harrison's technique for the body and philosophy for the mind. She recently completed her  Fundamental Training at Christopher Harrison's Antigravity Lab in New York City. She is so excited to be part of all the amazing things going on at Barre Pose Studio and to share her love of Antigravity with you. You are only as Young is your mind is open and your spine is flexible!