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An intelligent exercise workout that integrates interval training with muscle-shaping isometrics to quickly and safely re-shape your entire body. Our non-impact workout uses both the ballet barre and Pilates mat work to help you create a longer, leaner and more graceful body, as well as give you more energy. Two main principles of the class are proper form and alignment. Focusing on these elements will aid in developing proper posture and a well-toned body.


The result is the recognizable Barre body; firm thighs, tight glutes, sculpted arms, flat abs. You will also experience increased fat burning and flexibility. You will become strong like an athlete, long and lean like a dancer.


Barre Intense is for seasoned clients. A super hyped up barre interval class, with no break time. Incorporating extreme intervals, and longer, deeper holds. Not only will your muscles be working aerobically but your heart will be pumping too! Plie squats, leg extensions, and attitudes...and energetic strength drills like jump squats and sautés, forearm planks with rotation, and push ups.. all to build muscle strength and create a longer and leaner body. Come meet your new addiction!


TRX suspension training is an intense, innovative functional training to enhance strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It uses the TRX Suspension trainer which merges gravity and the client’s body weight to complete the exercises.

— TRX delivers a fast, effective total body workout                     — TRX builds a rock-solid core

— TRX increases muscular endurance                                           — TRX benefits people of all ages and fitness levels

— TRX utilizes client’s own body weight to provide greater performance and functionality


The ultimate Cardio Hip Hop follow along dance class!


Never get bored with Tara in this easy, super high energy dance class to all your Hip Hop favorites. Enjoy 60-minutes

of non-stop, party rockin’, sweat drenched Hip Hop. The class is ideal for students looking to tone muscles, achieve weight loss and/or increase stamina, all while indulging in a fun-filled dance activity that avoids the monotony of traditional cardio training.


No, it’s not for extreme athletes, it is an incredible way to practice yoga on an Indo Yoga Balance Training Board while building whole body strength and balance, and keeping your inner calmness. You’ll be on the water in no time!


The skills necessary to balance on an unstable surface are important for everyone, regardless of current physical ability. Balance training is used to develop better balance and coordination, gain core strength, and is widely used for rehabilitation to prevent and heal sports injuries- especially in the ankle and knee. Balance training is a great compliment to your fitness and yoga practice, cultivating functional holistic health, and self awareness.


Antigravity Aerial Yoga/Fitness is an exhilarating fusion technique combining the strength and grace of aerial arts with the inner calm and balance of traditional yoga.


Utilizing the Christopher Harrison Hammock as a suspension device to enhance spinal decompression, muscular weight resistance, proper alignment, and deeper, more intense, stretches. Antigravity yoga provides not only the comprehensive total body workout, but also soothes the nervous system and quiets the mind through floating meditation and Savasana. In this flow class, you will float, fly, and laugh your way to an elevated state of you!

Strength of Barre and the Stretch of Yoga with balance.


This class combines flow yoga and barre intense with a pilates stability cushion offering functionality

and challenge to your practice



A barre technique refining your beautiful ballerina body. Get a challenging Barre Interval workout with a little extra jete, rond de jambs, and sous-sus. No dance experience necessary. Sweat, lengthen, and feel like you’re back in ballet class.


This class is the perfect combo of our killer barre work & our favorite TRX arms & abs exercises! You will work your body to the max as you squeeze, tuck and burn at the barre to strengthen and tone the thighs, and glutes and challenge those  arms and abs with core stabilization on the TRX stability trainer.